Get feconnected #20

A signpost titled get feconnectedHi All and welcome to Get Feconnected, our weekly list of links pointing you to the latest further education and skills data news and information on-line.

ILR Data

The R09 data return period opened on 23 April and will close at 6:00pm on 7 May. See ILR specification 2013 to 2014 appendix A, for the ILR data collection timetable.

Payments and data
We will continue to use the reports from OLDC as the basis on which to make payments for R09. You can find all of our R09 updates on the Payments and Data page on GOV.UK.

ILR Data Systems

Submitting ILR R09 data
If you are due to make a return at R09, you must submit the same data to both data collections facility in the Hub and to the online data collection (OLDC) system. If you have not yet submitted any data to the Hub, we would ask that you do so whether a return is due from you or not.

FIS known issues version 4
The latest FIS known issues doc identifies an issue in FIS component set 015 which prevents ILR data being exported as an Access database file (MDB). Providers are advised to use an older component set (014) to export data to an Access database. See FIS known issue 4.4.3 for full details.

FIS release guide published
A new guide has been published to supplement the release of the Funding Information System (FIS) version 1.2.24 component sets 014 and 015.

SFA chief executive’s letter to FE sector
Barbara Spicer, interim SFA CEO, thanks management information staff for your continued support, patience and effort while we move to the new data collection system.

Open Data

What is open education data?
This blog post by Marieke Guy, project co-ordinator at the Open Knowledge Foundation, looks at the forms open education data can take and the uses this type of data can have in our working world.

Call for code fellows
The Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme (GMDSP) is looking for data practitioners interested in participating as GMDSP code fellows. The posts will be worked flexibly over 16 days from 19 May to 15 August. Closing date for applications 9:00am, 6 May.

Other Data News

Educational Technology Action Group (ETAG) want your input
ETAG was set up in February 2014 by three ministers, Michael Gove, Matthew Hancock and David Willetts, with the aim of supporting “the agile evolution of the FE, HE and schools sectors in anticipation of disruptive technology for the benefit of learners, employers & the UK economy.”

The group has arrived at an agreed vision of what 2025 will / could / should look like and welcome your comments until 23 June.

Big Data Week
The festival runs from 5 to 11 May and connects a number of global cities through locally hosted events, which are designed to educate, inform and inspire – organised by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about data. UK events are scheduled in Bournemouth, Hull and London.

Council Challenge 2014
Do you have a great idea that could transform a vital public service? The Guardian is running an open competition inviting council staff to come up with initiatives that will improve council services. The competition is free to enter and closes on 6 May.

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