New look feconnect, SFA publications and Inform newsletter

The new look feconnect

Late last year we sent out a survey and talked to our various provider groups about ways to improve feconnect. The feedback was pretty consistent. Here’s a summary of the main things you wanted us to address and an update on what we’ve done:

  • make the site faster – we’ve moved feconnect to a new server. Our analytics show that the average page load speed on the new feconnect is under 2 seconds. From January to March this year, the average page load speed was over 12 seconds.
  • give us better email notifications – we had a few different requirements in this space. Some of you wanted to see more of the discussion in the email alerts – the notifications now show the first 500 characters of the post. Some of you asked to opt out of getting all of the notifications, but to have an occasional round up – we have added a digest option that lets you do that. We do have an issue at the moment where email notifications are not going out to all subscribers – we are still working on this.
  • Skills Funding Agency staff posts – you wanted to be clear what advice comes from the sector and what is ‘SFA approved’ advice. We’ve added blue ‘SFA STAFF’ banners to clearly identify staff posts in the forums. Feconnect is primarily a peer support network that we administer and moderate. We contribute responses where we can or think we need to. Please remember that if you need a formal response from the SFA on any issue, then you’ll need to raise it with the Service Desk.

Inevitably there are a few further tweaks that we still need to make to the new feconnect. We also have one or two more functions to add, such as an ability to ‘like’ posts. Please do keep letting us have your feedback on the site, either by posting comments in the forums or emailing us.

SFA publications

Below are some of the key documents published this week. Some are new, others are updated versions of documents published at the end of January.

We’ve published many other documents published this week. For the full list see our publications list on GOV.UK

SFA Inform issue 105

We also published our Inform newsletter yesterday. The news this month includes:

  • 2014 to 2015 Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR)
  • Check your apprenticeship data
  • New AGE LDM code for learners who start 1 April 2016 onwards

and much more.

Have a good break!